Author: Ash


Another map… Another adventure. Summoning earth, water, fire, air and ether… Making magic happen right bloody now!! My muse… He saw the pyrotechnics and ran helter skelter to stop it before it wiped out the horizon but he was too late. “Worry not, old friend,” I said… “I can rebuild this hell again, pebble by pebble. It just needed a little fertilizing.” I saw madness dancing in his eyes, sanity pushed to the brink of suicide and that too, was magic just waiting for resurrection. The beast was here all...

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The Death of an Echo

Laid out the tiles side by side, words coming together… Form from no form. Then a random thought crossed my mind as random thoughts usually do. Echo… I dropped the tiles and googled the Oread. Sad, sad tale of star-crossed lovers each in love with an aspect of themselves, they could not complete the other. One after her own voice, the other after his own image and in the end, both perished in the vast, hostile imagination of some nameless poet’s lore. Ahahahaha… “Did you find it amusing?” my muse asked in surprise. “Not at all,” I replied…”I see countless Echo and Narcissus everyday in the faces of those who pass in and out of my reality… And I find divine comedy written in every parody of the tragic events we call life. Can you see it too?” “I see all of tragedy in life’s divine comedy, yet I can see the beauty in this tapestry and even as I appreciate the travesty in every parody, it depresses me so,” he replied. The jester fiend then took my pen, carefully drawing yet another thin red line between his world and mine. “… never the twain shall meet…” The beast was here all...

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Ever get the feeling you just can’t beat the game, no matter how hard you try… The finish line moves farther and farther away. “So what does the Scar Clan Manifesto say about this perplexing dilemma? To fight or not to fight?” I threw my pen away in disgust. Watched Poe write, “… Her innocence was the first part of her soul to die. And while it happened, he stood still, watching to fully enjoy the dreadful metamorphosis from a life full of hope to death without purpose.” My muse took my pen, fresh blood still dripping from the tip and drew a thin red line, “Duality is falsely imagined…,” he said, ” The finish line is falsely imagined… There is the truth and what you deem as the truth; and all that stands between the two is how you perceive what is from what you think it is.” All in the mind… The beast was here all...

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I was sucked into a vortex last night… A state of dreamless slumber so deep, it seemed like I was never coming back. Then… At the break of dawn the rooster crowed not once.. Not twice.. Not even trice. I heard the song break through the dark spell after 3 times 3 tries… golden notes forcing its way through all the shadowy hands that were holding me hostage! Told the snake charmer to leave me alone, to cease playing his songs because I wish to sleep a little longer… He laughed and raised the crescendo till music filled all the chambers in my head, forcing me back to reality.. “Eternity is such a long time, my friend, I grow weary of this routine.” I said to my muse… “Eternity is only the beginning.. Its the infinity in eternity that really bothers me,” he replied, shaking the golden dust of the notes from his motley colored coat. The beast was here all...

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Trading Flies for Burning Lies II

Was watching the fire fight to stay alive, sparks bursting with every dying heartbeat it can muster… Took the flame in my hands and swallowed it whole, “There.. You’re safe and sound now.. You can burn in my belly forever.” The wolf-killer looked at me and whispered, “That can’t save you, you know… This story isn’t even about you.” The beast was here all...

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