Author: Ash

Butterfly Story

Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel? I asked the question a thousand times but being children of a lesser god comes at a price. We are after all, little more than gilded… jaded… wounded bugs. One night to live an...

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“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet.” – Gandhi … To be fair tho, most people aren’t aware they’re hauling mud and hurling crud by the things they say and do....

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Lyrics by Billy

Dangling my feet over the cliff, its a 10,000 feet drop but my wings were burned away when I crashed into Earth. “Why are we here?, “I asked my muse, “you know I’m afraid of heights…”...

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“If I placed a golden coin for every time this heart gets shattered… There will be enough gold to feed the world,” I told my muse. He looked at me and smiled a secret smile. “When I created your kind and...

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Smoking in the rain, under a huge umbrella, catching up with old friends though I have no clue who they are!! None of their faces I recall… So I am wondering what am I doing here? Fast-forward… I found myself in a...

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