Author: Ash

Dustland Fairytale

Mad Hatter vs Rocky Balboa.. I turned to my muse and slyly whispered into his brain, “Care to place a wager as to who will win this duel?” }:) He shouted back into mine,”I saw the devil wrapping up his hands!!!...

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Caught a cold… Then crawled out bleeding from a minor explosion caused by my imaginary muse… Watching the smoke drift away in circles, my muse looked at me as if he saw through me and said, “The worst is over...

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Sat my muse down and tied him up… I swear this jester is up to no good!! Told him about my nightmare last night… Of how the boogieman came and ransacked my head. The boogieman stole my dreams and planted new...

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Trading Flies for Living Lies

As I lay myself to sleep, impatiently waiting for Insomnia to leave me alone, Scar Face came and whispered my name. I heard his chuckle and turned around. “A trade,” he said and showed me his hands… “I...

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Fire at Will

I saw the message, from one lover to another… It spoke of intruders and secret codes… As only 2 hearts within a sacred space could understand. As I watched the words carve itself out in cyberspace, I, the intruder...

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