Author: Ash

Prophet of Inquiring Minds

See when there is a gathering of this sort, there is bound to be drama and I for one dislike drama with a passion. All the bickering and pettiness makes my head ache; I just can’t stand it. I would cut off my ears and stab out my eyes if I thought that would help.. it wouldn’t. In fact, let’s just dismiss that idea outright as stupid and try something else. The Beetle King gave me a map and told me to follow it; it will take me to someone who hated all that noise as much as I. So I took the map; locked all the Prophets in that softly-padded room for the criminally insane and went looking for the elusive hermit. In one of the rooms marked IX, I found him. A little younger than I had expected, a little unconventional to be called a recluse; “What kind of hermit are you?” I demanded. He stuck a lamp in my face and said to come closer so I may see better and I did. He looked like me a if I was a man; he had the Glass City in a jar and it looked like Eden was burning. The Prophet of Inquiring Minds laughed; he said it was I who wanted to burn the city to the ground. The lamp shed light into the depths of...

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Prophet of Strength

Now comes the Prophet of Strength. Diabolic and out of control, she’ll cut you open with a rusty blade… for no good reason too. The beast was here all...

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7 of Wands

I came across a fugly yesterday; I see them around a lot actually, hiding under a cheap plastic mask that hides a cheap, plastic soul only they don’t know that they’re fuglies. They think they’re enlightened and they think they know better but they don’t really; otherwise they’d just stop being fugly. Sounds harsh, yes but often the truth sounds vulgar while fake, meaningless praises are sought after simply because they don’t offend. But the reality is fuglies weren’t born fugly, no… they are created whenever a sapien harness sores deep within the soul so that over time, it grows into a great big giant pool of pus. Warped by anger, jealousy, bitterness or any kind of negative energy; these sapiens form habits that become part of them. The habits begin to form the characteristics of a fugly. Left unattended long enough, the sores corrupt the soul and fuglies are born. Try coming into contact with one; if you walk away feeling drained, like your life force was sucked out from your very veins, or if you feel like dung was rubbed all over you in a matter of minutes; or if you feel like your head was about to explode from all that cackling or endless chatter… you’ve met a fugly. They’re psychic vampires. This particular fugly came at me last night and tried to spit venom at...

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Excerpts taken from The Diary of a Broken Soul

In a place made up of shadows are a host of entities waiting to have conversations with you and with me. The superstitious amongst us name them evil but they are no more evil than the ones we call angels; nor are they purer than the ones made of light. Why? Because they were created by the same source that created everything. and all things created serves a purpose, is that not true? If these entities are a figment of my imagination, then know that we too were entities of someone else’s imagination before we were made flesh. Come by tonight; the story of Jahanam unfolds when its door is open to visitors. Be sure to come alone; it is a shadowland where dreams and nightmares come to live. If you recognize them as your own, it is because you have wandered here before and not know it. Ash The beast was here all...

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Prophet of Infidelity

Infidel steps up to the one in chains and releases her from the bondage of inhibition. I heard him whisper to Fidelity: You know Fi, if you had taken your medication like you were supposed to, perhaps you wouldn’t take things so personally. Loyalty is subjective and if no one follows the principles you impose, take heart that they are loyal to the ones I offer in place of yours. Loyalty to a cause you do not believe in does not mean loyalty is dead; merely a deviation from what you approve of. There are no rules here and we are all trapped in the asylum up in somebody’s head so its quite alright to let the poor girl run amok. Why keep her chained up when you fight to be heard like the rest of us? Let her have a say for she has brought incest, adultery, betrayal, rape, famine, greed and countless other goodies to the masses. She’s certainly more fun than having you or Conformity around. The beast was here all...

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