Author: Ash


You do remember Fidelity, don’t you? Abandoned by faithless hedonistic whores; crack-babies of the new millenium seeking hedonistic pleasures with the maniacal glee of an Energizer bunny. Fidelity listens to the whispers of Desire; Desire is the one who struggles in desperation to be freed from the shackles of honor and integrity; Desire is the one clamouring… clawing to feed the embers burning within. Fidelity’s own words are drowned by Desire’s obsessive rants against unjustified deprivation. From the shadows, comes another Prophet of the Thorn. Infidel; Fidelity’s own shadow twin emerges from inky blackness to hold her in a warm embrace as he whispers into her ear, “You cannot save them, dearest. “. Then he walks over to Desire; he unbinds the chains around her neck to replace them with his own. Ash The beast was here all...

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Prophet of Intentions

PPPPPPsssssssssSSSSSSTttttttttttttttttttttt..ssttttt Come by tonight when the moon is perched on the tip of the raven’s wing; a party crasher will come entertain us with parlour tricks and silly pranks but I swear to you now, what makes him such a riot is his wicked, wicked sense of humour. He leaves no footprints; no sign to mark his passing except a glittering trail; a billion shards of broken glass spiked with poison to cut the brain. ************************************* The Prophet of Intentions takes a bow before the audience; he claims to have wandered in because he got lost but I know better…. beware the Magic man; he is both kind and cruel. He is the liar who strays not from the truth; for the best amongst the liars are the ones who stay closest to the truth. He is skilled in blurring the thin line that distinguishes one from the other; like the art of blending black and white into a million different shades of gray. Notorious party crasher; trouble maker; heart-breaker at your service. Magic Man, Magic Man who are you? Answer: http://www.answers.com/topic/intention Ash The beast was here all...

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Halt! Who goes there? I see the Lady Sea has brought her friends… none who slays shadows I hope . Come drink the Lilac Wine Blush and pray let me tell you of the Prophet Fidelity. She came to me when I was in dire need for redemption. In another place; I have done a terrible deed at the bidding of a friend. And when I came to realize my mistake, it was too late for the wheel has turned and with it, a pair of star-crossed lovers became bound in adultery and incest. Judge them not nor me; for in these halls we do not condemn each other but it is essential I learn the lesson for the deed would be senseless if it happened for no reason at all. So I wondered what she was trying to tell me.. Fidelity, I mean. For a month now I had her in my company. It was this catalytic event that woke me from the illusion of the Lovers when the traditional meaning of Lovers was challenged by deviant behavior. No, it is not the Devil who shows her face, I am certain of it. It is Fidelity who will teach us about love and what it means to us for a lie will wither like every rose ever cut down before its time; for every Valentine, Anniversary, I am...

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If he is well acquainted with lunacy, as we all are here, he would be more than welcome to join the feast. This is after all, a celebration for those of us who crawl through dementia. We know it for the devil that it is…. yet we can no longer remember what it was like before we learned to stare the black dog in the eye. Tranquilized delirium is to run with wolves or howl at the moon in the vast infinite space of one’s imagination. All is good… and there is no story… just reality written in cyberspace. Pardon me if I return to the banquet, I was in a trance.. watching the Beetle King dance. Ash The beast was here all...

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As the melody died away; as the golden notes of melancholia faded into the night, the prophets heard footsteps coming up behind them. In came the regal Prophet of Fidelity, smiling as she entered the hall and announced: “I have met the whore and the gentleman rogue you speak about. I have kissed them and whispered messages meant for their ears alone but they heeded me not. They could not hear me though I was closer to them than their own heartbeat. Friends… a toast to the blind, the mute and the deaf. Why we try time and again to touch their souls I do not know; they have become cold like the frigid winds of winter.”, and they burst into laughter for none of them can feel the bite of the wind. A gathering of long lost friends, time cannot touch them here and none who are present are mortal. The beast was here all...

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