Author: Ash


You do remember Fidelity, don’t you? Abandoned by faithless hedonistic whores; crack-babies of the new millenium seeking hedonistic pleasures with the maniacal glee of an Energizer bunny. Fidelity listens to the whispers...

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Prophet of Intentions

PPPPPPsssssssssSSSSSSTttttttttttttttttttttt..ssttttt Come by tonight when the moon is perched on the tip of the raven’s wing; a party crasher will come entertain us with parlour tricks and silly pranks but I swear to you...

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Halt! Who goes there? I see the Lady Sea has brought her friends… none who slays shadows I hope . Come drink the Lilac Wine Blush and pray let me tell you of the Prophet Fidelity. She came to me when I was in dire need for...

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If he is well acquainted with lunacy, as we all are here, he would be more than welcome to join the feast. This is after all, a celebration for those of us who crawl through dementia. We know it for the devil that it is…....

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As the melody died away; as the golden notes of melancholia faded into the night, the prophets heard footsteps coming up behind them. In came the regal Prophet of Fidelity, smiling as she entered the hall and announced: “I...

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