Author: Ash


There is a place in cyberspace where people come in flocks. A daily pilgrimage of sorts to seek answers; a quest to be saved from themselves for they cannot do it with their own hands thus, they would go from one charlatan to...

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Prophet of Art

In answer to Conformity’s grievance, the minstrel arrived and climbed upon her seat. Perched upon the top of the black rose, the Prophet of Art spoke through music; language of the gods. She sang words of comfort; water to...

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… but dead silence descended upon the hall as Conformity watched the stain of zealotry slowly eating away at the once pristine walls and the room turned cold with trepidation. It was then that the first notes from the...

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Prophet of Conformity

Of prophets there are many but none as beloved as the Prophet of Conformity. It is to Conformity that we bow our heads, offering obedience and servitude without question. It is to her that we offer our coins and our faith; our...

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My apologies dear friend, for my earlier outburst. Sometimes, I feel like the tranquil sea and other times, I watch the storm coming in helpless dismay for I know it churns up such rage in me, I often destroy that which I love...

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