Author: Ash

The Herd

Often I look upon your faces and think that Death would be a mercy. In your cow-like eyes, I swear I see stupidity stretch in infinity and verily I say to you, as much as I hate you, I feel pity for you as well. Knowledge...

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Prophet of Fools

I cannot help but see shadows where the light falls. Within the illusion of duality, I find that beauty is incomplete without a flaw to complete its perfection. Would the same be said of our lives; that each tear is a diamond...

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Prophet of Justice

There is liberation in dementia, a respite from boredom that plagues the witty mind. It is an escape from the mindless chatter of the blind and the faithless; the ignorant and the incapacitated; the hopelessly malicious and the...

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The Prophets

Once I told a friend, who carries so much sorrow in his soul, that we are like poets speaking a dead language; trying in vain to sound coherent to people who could never understand. Once I heard a friend speak of 5 roses; one of...

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