Author: Ash

On the Night of All Things Hallow

Between the smokes and the crack of dawn, my muse turned up… Not one but two of them.. Weathered faces and jaded eyes, they told me to write The Scar Clan Manifesto. “So many people want so many things, how do you...

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Of Omens and Demons

There was once a poet, who sold her soul to the devil. The trade was simple, a soul that had no real value in exchange for divine inspiration. “I want my Inferno, I want my Purgatory but I will forgo my Paradise forever...

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Locked Up

There are so many demons locked up inside, I feel like glass… broken into a billion jagged shards. What is laced with hate will fate mutate; but tonight I so wish that my fate will take me far, far away from monkeys and...

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Snake Charmer

The snake charmer, whose name I shall not mention, is my muse tonight. Its always during the darkest hour of my plight, when there is not a soul in sight on this tiny microscopic rock, that I am ferried across the icy waters to...

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At the peak of the highest mountain, perched at the top of the tallest tower… That’s where we broke bread this night. “We shall never speak of this again,” I told my muse. He solemnly agreed. Pinkie...

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