Decision Spread

Decision Spread



Difficulty: Easy

This simple but highly useful spread calls for a question to be asked in this format:

What happens if I do (X), and what happens if I do not do (X)?

Please note that it should not be viewed as a decision between 2 different options, but about whether or not a single option should be exercised. A second option would call for a separate reading.

Card #7 is the significator, the overall theme of the query.

Cards #3, #1, & #5 represent the chronological sequence of events that occurs if you choose to do (X).

Cards #4, #2, & #6 represent the chronological sequence of events that unfolds if you choose NOT to do (X).









Your Decision Reading

The Significator

Six of Clubs
Outcome if you do it:

Nine of Clubs

Ace of Spades

Six of Spades
Outcome if you don't do it:

Seven of Clubs

Five of Diamonds

Five of Hearts





Six of Clubs


Jupiter in Leo

Triumph after strife. Success and gain, good news, expectations fulfilled.




Outcome if you do it:



Nine of Clubs


Moon in Saggitarius

Great strength, tremendous force, recovery, health, power, triumph. Change is stability.





Ace of Spades

The Root of Air

Invoked force, conquest, strength through tribulation.





Six of Spades


Mercury in Aquarius

A goal realized. All intellectual faculties agree on the matter at heart.











Outcome if you do not do it:





Mars in Leo

Struggles, obstacles, difficulties met with courage. Small victories.





Five of Diamonds







Mars in Scorpio

Disturbance ending pleasure. Grief, misfortune, sadness, regret, loss, treachery, bitterness, frustration, bad marriage, expectations unfulfilled.




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