Abraham Lincoln may be widely regarded as the best United States president in history, but considering the hypocrisy of the political system, that doesn’t say much for his character. To me the myth of Lincoln is absurd. First of all he was a lawyer, which boils down a guy with a license to steal, in a system plagued with internal corruption and crime from top to bottom. From the very beginning, the forefathers of this country spoke of freedom and equality for all — while owning slaves and exterminating the natives as human vermin.

Abraham Lincoln

I don’t like to use the term “hypocrite” because I understand that everything has its balance factor. While Lincoln may have done right by freeing the slaves, at the same time he didn’t seem to mind the fact that he was a party to the genocide of an entire race. So while I can easily identify with men like Frederick Douglass, Lincoln is not quite so easy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he was a bad guy, but to me the reality is that he was more of a glory hog, and a politician trying to keep up with the Joneses, than the great hero that American history paints him as. It is too easy to go with the flow and let popular opinion dictate your personal opinions. But this post is not meant to be about passing personal judgements. It is more about analyzing various perspectives from an holistic perspective, so that your opinions can truly be claimed as your own.

Frederick Douglass

It is difficult to be patriotic about being American after knowing a Native American, and knowing even just a little about what my people did to theirs. To me, the 2 biggest icons who tell us more than anybody else about the world we live in are Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson. Hitler modeled a system of genocide entirely after the United States. As a result, this country hates him for it. That is the equivalent of poor sportsmanship, to despise the guy who beats you at your own game.

Adolf Hitler

We may also take note of the way the prison business boomed after they gave freedom to the slaves, and that too many of the slaves’ descendants ended up not being so free after all. In the reform school for boys, Manson was beaten and raped until he learned that he had to become the rapist if he wanted to survive. This is reality. When a child knows nothing but abuse, he comes to seek that kind of attention, which is only natural. I know this from experience.

Thinking About You

It’s difficult to see how the so-called best system of government in history could be so abusive, and so ignorant as to perpetuate the cycle of abuse. After WWI there was a historian who warned not to take war reparations from Germany, but instead to repair them and nurture them back to health. Of course nobody listened, and his prophecy came to pass when Germany fell under the spell of Hitler, who captured the emotion of the times, Germans being so pissed off due to the extreme hardships imposed upon them. Of course Germany wanted vengeance. An inferno of bad behavior will not be extinguished by adding more fuel.

This being said, I must reiterate that I do not idolize or condemn the 4 mentioned icons, but I can identify with each of them. I can identify with anybody, because if I was in their shoes, I understand that I would have done precisely what they did with their lives. I think people naturally gravitate towards hero worship and the condemnation of perceived evils, which is unrealistic. When we can get past primitive moral codes based upon good and evil, right and wrong, and analyze action and reaction from a realistic and scientific no-fault type of perspective, only then will we learn how to break the cycle of abuse.

“It depends upon what the meaning of the word IS is.”