Tag: broken

Locked Up

There are so many demons locked up inside, I feel like glass… broken into a billion jagged shards. What is laced with hate will fate mutate; but tonight I so wish that my fate will take me far, far away from monkeys and...

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You would think that there is no way in HELL its possible to break something that is already broken. I assure you that it can be done. It can be done by grinding tiny shards of glass into white powder that cuts into your eye....

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The serpent didn’t help for the demons didn’t sleep; its time to give in to the rage. All the names, all the faces roaming these halls are but facets of a soul broken into shards of glass; I will take on the demon...

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The Prophet Rikell

There will come a time when all promises will be broken; When truth blurs into the lie that has been our prison; And the fallen angels with silver-coated tongues beckon; With their invitation to sit by the edge of the sword and...

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I’ll name her Kirell, pt2

The silence stirred my soul awake and I can feel the angels descending from heaven. In the stillness of the night, one can almost hear the wings of the warrior doves as they sweep across the land. Are they listening to the...

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