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Introduction to Tarot Cards

The cards also come in handy for many purposes such as inspiration for writing, meditation, reflection, as well as spiritual guidance. Practical uses for tarot cards are limitless. Today there are seemingly limitless decks that reflect many disparate spiritual paths, styles of art, languages, etc. Tarot decks are not restricted to any particular religious faith, or to levels of reading ability. Many beginners find that intricate occult tarot decks filled with esoteric symbolism or overly detailed artwork can distract from the learning process, so it is often recommended to start out with a very basic deck such as the Rider-Waite…

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Is Tarot Evil?

Superstition vs Experience There are many who argue that tarot cards are a tool of the devil. They say that tarot reading is an evil practice akin to witchcraft, and that people who read tarot cards are in communion with demons....

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