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Dianetics is based on an awareness that the animal brain, actually the physical hardware of the mind, stores bad memories called engrams. Engrams are buried in the unconscious because they are painful, so the organism naturally...

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Sat my muse down and tied him up… I swear this jester is up to no good!! Told him about my nightmare last night… Of how the boogieman came and ransacked my head. The boogieman stole my dreams and planted new...

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Locked Up

There are so many demons locked up inside, I feel like glass… broken into a billion jagged shards. What is laced with hate will fate mutate; but tonight I so wish that my fate will take me far, far away from monkeys and...

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I found my journey has brought out more demons than I care to count… Each new face uglier than the last. Good God!! Tell me again why I chose to take up the mortal form? For the life of me I cannot remember when was the...

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Silence was once my beloved companion. Now silence feels like winter and my bones have turned brittle from the cold. My thoughts have turned against me, its poison slowly seeping in. I am my own destruction, I am my own...

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The serpent didn’t help for the demons didn’t sleep; its time to give in to the rage. All the names, all the faces roaming these halls are but facets of a soul broken into shards of glass; I will take on the demon...

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Serpent of the Rainbow

Feeling positively homicidal tonight, so I went to feed the serpent of the rainbow. Took all the fire in my belly and threw it into the pit, laughing at the sky like a demented old crow. I watched the white heat of my anger burn...

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