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The Occult

Interpreting tarot cards is a great way to introduce yourself to the occult arts. The word “occult” simply means “hidden,” referring to certain information which is not widely accessible. It’s only...

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Dustland Fairytale

Mad Hatter vs Rocky Balboa.. I turned to my muse and slyly whispered into his brain, “Care to place a wager as to who will win this duel?” }:) He shouted back into mine,”I saw the devil wrapping up his hands!!!...

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Devil’s Doppleganger

I remember a devil who once hung from a bodhi tree. Skinny, skimpy little bag of bones. He wore his scales and slithered on his belly; his long, slimy forked tongue dripping venom and empty lies. Then one day the devil planted a...

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Of Omens and Demons

There was once a poet, who sold her soul to the devil. The trade was simple, a soul that had no real value in exchange for divine inspiration. “I want my Inferno, I want my Purgatory but I will forgo my Paradise forever...

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Train Ride II

But the story of Justice was not the one I wanted to tell you readers about… I wanted to tell you about the child from the glass city who rudely brought me back to reality; just when the Lady Justice accepted the rose I...

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Spider Prophet

There is a dragonfly trapped in a spider-web waiting for its executioner to appear; Instead of one, there are two predators patiently waiting to devour it alive, “Oh Dear!!!” Just when I thought this must be the end...

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The Prophet Rikell

There will come a time when all promises will be broken; When truth blurs into the lie that has been our prison; And the fallen angels with silver-coated tongues beckon; With their invitation to sit by the edge of the sword and...

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If he is well acquainted with lunacy, as we all are here, he would be more than welcome to join the feast. This is after all, a celebration for those of us who crawl through dementia. We know it for the devil that it is…....

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