Tag: eternity


I was sucked into a vortex last night… A state of dreamless slumber so deep, it seemed like I was never coming back. Then… At the break of dawn the rooster crowed not once.. Not twice.. Not even trice. I heard the...

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Invitation to the World Under Water

The song of the siren beckons in the night. Take me down to the ocean floor that I may drown in the depths of your light. For all my trespasses, I would gladly pay with long kiss goodnight. If I do not return, pray keep your...

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Rikell, pt2

I will show you his face, the one who lured the maiden to her death. In his songs, he wove promises of eternity and she took his words quite literally. The Liar will have his tongue cut out, the Traitor will have his treachery...

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Prophet of Samskara

There were 3 of us; an artist, a musician and a philosopher. The musician serenaded the past with poems riddled with melancholia and through his song, I watched the beauty of creation unfold only to be destroyed by our starving...

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