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Ever get the feeling you just can’t beat the game, no matter how hard you try… The finish line moves farther and farther away. “So what does the Scar Clan Manifesto say about this perplexing dilemma? To fight...

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Caught a cold… Then crawled out bleeding from a minor explosion caused by my imaginary muse… Watching the smoke drift away in circles, my muse looked at me as if he saw through me and said, “The worst is over...

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Silence was once my beloved companion. Now silence feels like winter and my bones have turned brittle from the cold. My thoughts have turned against me, its poison slowly seeping in. I am my own destruction, I am my own...

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Prophet of Infidelity

Infidel steps up to the one in chains and releases her from the bondage of inhibition. I heard him whisper to Fidelity: You know Fi, if you had taken your medication like you were supposed to, perhaps you wouldn’t take...

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