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Is Tarot Evil?

Superstition vs Experience There are many who argue that tarot cards are a tool of the devil. They say that tarot reading is an evil practice akin to witchcraft, and that people who read tarot cards are in communion with demons....

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Locked Up

There are so many demons locked up inside, I feel like glass… broken into a billion jagged shards. What is laced with hate will fate mutate; but tonight I so wish that my fate will take me far, far away from monkeys and...

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I know what it means to be loved to death; The kiss of your metal stealing my last breath; If only your fear and awe would spare my tribe; It would mean I get to keep my stripes; To love me with your hate; You would cut me open...

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Once upon a time, I took an oath and said till death do us part. To seal the deal, I laid my heart upon a wooden box and left it in the hands of another. In sickness and in health, I stood fast to my promise but the box was lost...

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