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Prophet of Illusions II

Dearest Beloved of my Heart, To know me, do not look at my porcelain skin… Lest the color of my skin becomes my sin… To love me, do not seek to own my heart… Lest it breaks when you depart… The ones you...

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The Oath

If only it was that easy, sending this personal invitation to Azreal scribbled in tainted blood and gold… A holy oath made from the bottom of the heart to never come back or wear the skin of the walking dead… We are...

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Re: Sea

I write what lies hidden in the heart; words craftily encrypted with riddle-ridden messages… I am an unknown therefore unheard of; therein lies the enigma… Sexy narcissism versus sado-masochism; why choose between...

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I’ll name her Kirell, pt2

The silence stirred my soul awake and I can feel the angels descending from heaven. In the stillness of the night, one can almost hear the wings of the warrior doves as they sweep across the land. Are they listening to the...

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