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Dianetics is based on an awareness that the animal brain, actually the physical hardware of the mind, stores bad memories called engrams. Engrams are buried in the unconscious because they are painful, so the organism naturally...

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On the Night of All Things Hallow

Between the smokes and the crack of dawn, my muse turned up… Not one but two of them.. Weathered faces and jaded eyes, they told me to write The Scar Clan Manifesto. “So many people want so many things, how do you...

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On nights when we are sane, we hide our blades so no one can see them. On nights when we are insane, we go hunting for members of the Englishman’s Motherfuggin’ Morons Association (They’re actually members of...

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In you, I see the reflection of my soul… perhaps you see the same in me as well; If the face of evil is branded by the masses…perhaps it is because the face of a sinner is seen only through the looking glass; Of...

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