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The Death of an Echo

Laid out the tiles side by side, words coming together… Form from no form. Then a random thought crossed my mind as random thoughts usually do. Echo… I dropped the tiles and googled the Oread. Sad, sad tale of...

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Sat my muse down and tied him up… I swear this jester is up to no good!! Told him about my nightmare last night… Of how the boogieman came and ransacked my head. The boogieman stole my dreams and planted new...

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On nights when we are sane, we hide our blades so no one can see them. On nights when we are insane, we go hunting for members of the Englishman’s Motherfuggin’ Morons Association (They’re actually members of...

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I spoke to a man yesterday who wanted to be everything other than what he was… a most disturbing encounter that left me feeling slimy after. To say it was unpleasant would be like calling a national disaster a minor...

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Beware of The JEsTeR ChiLd II

I wear the mask of a manic harlequin to hide the tears of a poet; If you look carefully at my pictures, you’d find me hiding in the palette; Let me tell you of a king that is almost human without his posse of...

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Sublime Intervension

I have a confession to make and I ask that you bear witness to my crime; I have faithfully played the part of a jester and a mime; I have slain the gods of old in a bid to turn back time; As I watched them die, in my head I...

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Prophet of Kings

Really, I have no idea where this is going but what the heck.. its run by a shipload of psychos on a cruise to nowhere… What I do know is that the tarot structure is crumbling under the scrutiny of the disturbed mind; the...

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Prophet of Death

The jester weeps for the dearly departed; rivers of ink stains his cheeks as he ferries us home for we look upon his face with terror; his hedious mask strikes fear into our hearts. Once upon a time, at the threshold of birth; I...

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