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Rider-Waite vs Crowley-Thoth

If you are new to tarot cards, the first decision you’re likely to make is between these decks (or possibly their clones). For most beginners, the choice is obvious. Since the Book of Thoth comes with a small library of recommended reading material to familiarize ones self with the deck, learning to read tarot with the Rider Waite (or RWS-inspired deck) is a no-brainer. The Rider Waite tarot deck has one simple instruction book about the cards which can be referred to easily during any reading. This small book is called The Pictorial Key to the Tarot….

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Beware of The JEsTeR ChiLd

Lady Justice… I know who stole your eyes… They are the ones who stole mine too. Let me tell you where they are, for the ones who offend me, offend you too…. Son-Inya Black and Emm-Onia Brown are the harlots...

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Train Ride II

But the story of Justice was not the one I wanted to tell you readers about… I wanted to tell you about the child from the glass city who rudely brought me back to reality; just when the Lady Justice accepted the rose I...

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Train Ride

I took the train today… but I was not really in the train. I was with the Lady Justice as she recalled the tale of how she lost her sight. No.. no… that was not my fault… I blinded the Lady Hope, Justice is...

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Prophet of Justice

There is liberation in dementia, a respite from boredom that plagues the witty mind. It is an escape from the mindless chatter of the blind and the faithless; the ignorant and the incapacitated; the hopelessly malicious and the...

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