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I was sucked into a vortex last night… A state of dreamless slumber so deep, it seemed like I was never coming back. Then… At the break of dawn the rooster crowed not once.. Not twice.. Not even trice. I heard the...

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“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet.” – Gandhi … To be fair tho, most people aren’t aware they’re hauling mud and hurling crud by the things they say and do....

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“If I placed a golden coin for every time this heart gets shattered… There will be enough gold to feed the world,” I told my muse. He looked at me and smiled a secret smile. “When I created your kind and...

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Caught a cold… Then crawled out bleeding from a minor explosion caused by my imaginary muse… Watching the smoke drift away in circles, my muse looked at me as if he saw through me and said, “The worst is over...

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Sat my muse down and tied him up… I swear this jester is up to no good!! Told him about my nightmare last night… Of how the boogieman came and ransacked my head. The boogieman stole my dreams and planted new...

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Snake Charmer

The snake charmer, whose name I shall not mention, is my muse tonight. Its always during the darkest hour of my plight, when there is not a soul in sight on this tiny microscopic rock, that I am ferried across the icy waters to...

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