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Old Soul

I found a scripture written in ancient lore, the words jumped from the page the way a fish catches its prey. Looked at my muse…. I asked in dismay, “Who thinks up stuff like that???!!!” Its like when Freud...

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Of Omens and Demons

There was once a poet, who sold her soul to the devil. The trade was simple, a soul that had no real value in exchange for divine inspiration. “I want my Inferno, I want my Purgatory but I will forgo my Paradise forever...

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A scientist and a musician composing a song in the language of quantum physics… String theory… Super string theory… M-theory… In minors not majors. Pieces of the puzzle falling as the notes rise with the...

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Beware of The JEsTeR ChiLd II

I wear the mask of a manic harlequin to hide the tears of a poet; If you look carefully at my pictures, you’d find me hiding in the palette; Let me tell you of a king that is almost human without his posse of...

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