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Rider-Waite vs Crowley-Thoth

If you are new to tarot cards, the first decision you’re likely to make is between these decks (or possibly their clones). For most beginners, the choice is obvious. Since the Book of Thoth comes with a small library of recommended reading material to familiarize ones self with the deck, learning to read tarot with the Rider Waite (or RWS-inspired deck) is a no-brainer. The Rider Waite tarot deck has one simple instruction book about the cards which can be referred to easily during any reading. This small book is called The Pictorial Key to the Tarot….

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Prophet of Strength

Now comes the Prophet of Strength. Diabolic and out of control, she’ll cut you open with a rusty blade… for no good reason too. The beast was here all along…

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