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Butterfly Story

Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel? I asked the question a thousand times but being children of a lesser god comes at a price. We are after all, little more than gilded… jaded… wounded bugs. One night to live an...

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Cruel Thing

Have I told you how bad I’ve been lately? Telling a lie over and over; each time the web spins around the wheel the lie gets bigger and bigger. Have I told you how cruel I’ve been lately? I’ve cut everyone with...

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Train Ride II

But the story of Justice was not the one I wanted to tell you readers about… I wanted to tell you about the child from the glass city who rudely brought me back to reality; just when the Lady Justice accepted the rose I...

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Blood Thirsty

Caught between the hammer and the anvil; Redemption for all our deeds deemed evil; At the drop of a pin, the world will stand still; All eyes fixed upon the one nailed to the wheel; Wait for it!! Don’t you dare swallow...

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