Comic Strip Spread

Comic Strip Spread



Difficulty:  Simple

Note:  This spread works best with decks like the Diary of a Broken Soul or Surrealist Tarot because they display scenes rather than pips and do not use reversals.

The Comic Strip Spread is an extremely simple 9-card chronological spread that looks like a page of a comic book. This method should be used to get a glimpse of the future as it would pan out naturally. You may also want to check your biorythm. The spread is easy to read as a story, just like a comic book.

The main subject is apparent in the first card, while the story plays out through the following cards.

Pay particular attention to the cards and the relationships to their neighbors. Notice which directions the cards are facing, and how they interact.









Your Comic Strip Reading

The Devil
The Sun
5 of Cups
7 of Cups
Ace of Swords
King of Swords
Ace of Wands
The Chariot
The Tower





Card 1: The Devil

The colours black and white show the limits of a polarity, a disconnection, which cannot be outdone. The subconscious has no connection with the conscious. The burning fire points to the fact that the devil is linked with pain and torture.

The five-pointed star is upside down. The goat's horns are pointing downwards; classical symbols of the devil. The square oven symbolizes the dependence on material things. Two clenched fists are chained together. Each can free the other whereby freeing itself, but only if it is brave enough to take the key from the fire. For this it has to open its hand.





Card 2: The Sun

The sun can be seen clearly and it dominates the picture. The last walls are being conquered and in between them flowers are already growing. This lets us suspect that the difficult path is at an end. The path, which continues, can already be seen beyond the wall.





Card 3: 5 of Cups

Three cups are spilling their contents. The other two are collecting what is lost, suggesting that nothing can really be lost. Nevertheless the spill is important so that a change can take place.

The tower and the star refer to the cards, which are following the devil, which is related to the five cups. The flames in the tower can be understood as a heart. If the observer turns round he will take the path in the right direction and will not look back.





Card 4: 7 of Cups

Six cups contain symbols which refer to themes of illusions. The themes are intoxication (alcohol), gambling and fortune-telling (playing-cards), successful thoughts (laurel-wreath), sex and beauty (woman), wish-fulfilment (island) and wealth (money and jewels). The star in the seventh cup symbolizes the vision which has to be followed.












Card 5: Ace of Swords

The sword is rising out of the water. The blue colour in the picture symbolizes clarity. The three different coloured butterflies indicate different thoughts and the perception of difference. One butterfly is sitting on the tip of the sword, a symbol of decision. The halo supports the impression of clarification and purification.





Card 6: King of Swords

The throne-room looks very tidy, but at the same time very bare. The throne itself has hardly any decoration. The king is protecting himself by his complete dress; his coat of mail can be seen under his shirt; on his chest he is wearing the sign of Libra, an indication of his connection with justice and his role as a judge.

The two butterflies above him indicate that he shows a tendency towards black and white-thinking. The crown, with its three points, refers to the third element, air. His sword is not completely straight and the square tiles in the background emphasize, through the different tones of red, that life cannot be locked away into boxes.





Card 7: Ace of Wands

The orangey yellow colour of the picture emphasizes energy and liveliness. A wand is growing out of the ground. Liveliness grows out of stability, which gives security and nutrition.

The leaf indicates slow change, but the fire indicates a definite basic change and dissolving of processes. The heart, which seems to be inside the flame, pronounces love' passion. Energy-rays are hinted at through the wand's aura. The field of corn in the background gives a further reference to growth and fertility.





Card 8: The Chariot

The chariot itself is portrayed by the wheel. It has eight spokes, a symbol for the process of development. The shaft symbolizes the centre and also the number nine, which completes the cycle. Hub and shaft are on fire and stand for sexual energy. Origin, the wheel's background, and destination, the celestial body's background, are the same colour, violet, which stands for the spiritual.

The dominating yellow in the picture depicts joy of living. The water at the bottom indicates frankness or naivety, but also emotions to be conquered, such as caution or fear. Black and white reins, held in the right and left hand, show different directions and ambivalences, which have to be brought into harmony to make the journey possible. The next part of the journey, which lies ahead of the coach driver, the material world, represented by green, square fields, opens up within all this.

Libra's symbol (justice) shows that one has to reckon with consequences for any mistakes. The section at the top leads into the night. The coach driver does not encounter the sun, as to be expected, but instead the moon and stars. He will meet intuition and the unconscious.





Card 9: The Tower

A small ray of light shines through a crack in the wall and arouses our yearning for freedom and knowledge. The prison walls burst open and we can escape. We have already taken hold of the sword which stands for differentiation, consciousness and independent thought.

The monarch's insignia of the Emperor shows we are prepared to reconquer the seat on our own throne.




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