Game Plan Spread

Game Plan Spread



Difficulty: Easy

When you have a certain plan in mind, this simple 5-card spread presents a choice, hinting at what action or attitude should be taken for your plan to succeed, and what should be avoided in order to help your plan work out for the best.

The initial card is laid in the center of the layout, the significator. The following 4 cards are laid out clockwise around the significator.

In this spread, the second card shows what drives you, but also says you are not fully conscious of this, perhaps even completely unaware of it. It gives you a hint as to the reason that you strive for your goal.

The third card shows what others think of you and your goals. You may or may not be aware of this. Sometimes other people factor into your plans, and sometimes they don’t.

The fourth card shows what you should not do. If things are permitted to go down this path, your plan will collapse.

The fifth card is a hint as to how to make your plan work out favorably. The idea that this card presents should be followed in order to make your plan a success. It is the differences between Cards #4 and #5 that should be noted, as the differences provide the clues you need.









Your Game Plan Reading

Unconscious Drive

Ace of Coins
  External Influences

4 of Swords

The Magician
How it Will Succeed

4 of Cups
  How it Will Not Succeed

5 of Cups





The Magician

The symbols of all the elements are shown on the picture as possibilities. The eye, with its triangular shape, refers to the Holy Trinity. It seems as though it has just opened and one can recognize the spokes of the Wheel of Fortune in its iris.

The ribbon of eternity shows us how all possibilities can develop in waves out of the one item. The red background supports the energy of the illustration.





Ace of Coins

All the elements are present on the picture, because the element, earth, actually contains all the other elements. The pentacle, as the fourth element, is mounted in a square frame, emphasizing its relationship with the number four.





4 of Swords

Three swords are holding a violet cauldron, under which a fire is burning. Something is being "extracted". The violet colour indicates a spiritual process. The sun is setting; nothing more will happen today. To sleep on it will help.

Tomorrow it might be possible to grasp the fourth sword and to take the right path in further conflicts. The path past the white flag is also possible.












5 of Cups

Three cups are spilling their contents. The other two are collecting what is lost, suggesting that nothing can really be lost. Nevertheless the spill is important so that a change can take place.

The tower and the star refer to the cards, which are following the devil, which is related to the five cups. The flames in the tower can be understood as a heart. If the observer turns round he will take the path in the right direction and will not look back.






A fourth cup, which, does not really want to fit in the well-balanced harmony of the other three, joins the three cups. The hand with its intensive colour shows the rejection it experiences. The fourth fish is green, as though it felt ill. Altogether the colours are lighter than those of the Three of Cups.




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