The Self-Actualization Pyramids Spread

Self-Actualization Pyramids Spread



Difficulty:  Complicated


Basically there is the main pyramid in the center, and two smaller pyramids on each side. One is inverted.

Positions 1 – 3 represent where you have come from, or what has made you/shaped you on the various levels. Can be from environment, upbringing, schooling etc. A look at the past, but with more objectivity than is usually given when using tarot cards.

Positions 4 – 5 represent “who you are now.”  May or may not make pleasant reading but hey, this is what this is about right?

Position 6 represents “who you could be.”  Again it might or might not look good, but you can learn from that and change who you are now accordingly. (This is a bit like how Scrooge did things in "A Christmas Carol")

Positions 7-8 are your strengths. The light you have which can be bought to the forefront. What carries you and should not be hidden or unacknowledged.

Position 9 represents what you should be giving to yourself or creating within.

Position 10 – 11 represent personal areas for development or weaknesses. Again might not make good reading but if you look at your strengths first you will be able to see a balance is there and you can choose to focus on one side or the other… your choice. This is where you could really see how your shadow side comes into play.

Position 12 represents what you should be offering externally, or what you can bring to your world or others who inhabit that world.









Your Self-Actualization Pyramids Reading


Strength #1
Strength #2
Eye Exhibit
Nurture This
Infirmity #1
Infirmity #2
Now #1
  Now #2
Base (past) #1
  Base (past) #2
  Base (past) #3





1: Base #1

4 of Coins

The safe symbolizes the need for protection. Certain themes are referred to: money, possessions, love and relationships. The star stands for the vision, which is worth holding on to.

The blue-and-white checked-pattern portrays narrow-mindedness through misunderstood reliability. At the bottom of the picture the devil's horns and some hell-fire have found their place, illustrating dependence.




2: Base #2

8 of Swords

The swords look like a cage. The eye is closed; it is looking into the inner vision; it is trying not to be aware of its own feelings. Some of the fingers are being dipped in the water; there is already contact here. The colours blue and pink show the strong contrast between understanding and emotions, which are trying clear the way for themselves.




3: Base #3

2 of Swords

The picture shows a closed eye. A lot is still taking place inwardly. The heart and water in a way are being crossed out. Emotions have to be left out for the moment.

The varying thoughts seem to influence one another. Both hands are open. Each thought is equally valuable at the moment.










4: Where you are now #1

The High Priestess

The two eyes indicate that the High Priestess perceives the polarity in their dualism but doesn't take any valuation into account. The light and the dark side can be seen, as well as the waning and waxing moon and the full-moon, which unites and contains both sides.

The water and the two fish also symbolize the connection, the flow of energy and the dualism. The feather stands for the High Priestess' sensitiveness, the pomegranate for her fertility.




5: Where you are now #2

5 of Swords

The middle sword divides the scene. It symbolizes disconnection in itself and is the only one that has remained whole.

The "winner's" sword, decorated with a laurel wreath, seems to be less bent than that of the "loser", but it is also unusable. The pierced heart shows the "loser's" certainty of having injured his enemy in the worst possible way.

The dark colours in the picture show that it is a matter of something unpleasant. The energetic connection, portrayed by the waves at the top and bottom, has been cut off.




6: Your potential

The Fool

The bright colours symbolize many possibilities. The Fool is holding the pilgrim's staff in his hand. Water and fish indicate openness and vivacity. The butterflies also indicate different ideas and a joy of living.

The golden yellow background gives the scene energy of life. One can see the tip of the Fool's cap. The cross, or rather the handle of the sword in the background, gives an awareness of danger, which is lurking along the path the Fool is going to take.




7: Strength #1

3 of Cups

All the equipment for a celebration is united, wine, food, fireworks, love, happiness and society. There is nothing missing. The snake, which is biting its tail, suggests that celebrations begin and end. We let them come and go, like fireworks; they do not last very long.




8: Strength #2

The Empress

The illustration represents growth, nature and fertility. One can see certain fruits, including two pomegranates (fertility). The ears of corn represent the Empress' secret crown. The apple is in the shape of a heart. The three fish in the water symbolize feelings and emotionalism, as well as the Empress' figure three.

The illusion of a bowl, in which the fruit is lying, can be connected with conception, the uterus and with pregnancy. The trees present slow growth. The Empress is holding her sceptre in her left hand.




9: Nurture this


The circuit of coming and going is symbolized by the serpent, which frames the picture and bites its own tail. The red background portrays sunset, or as the case may be, sunrise. The house and the tree, representatives for the element earth, have fallen into decay and are bare. The three tombstones show the headgear of the pope, the king and the farmer. At death there is no difference.

The skeleton's hand comes from the left and holds a blue scythe, which seems to be a mixture between a sceptre and a sword. The leaf, which is growing out of it, shows that death, due to its quality allowing old things to fade away, makes new growth possible.

The water symbolizes the river Styx, which has to be crossed at death so as to reach the next world. The colour blue in the picture stands for disconnection and purification. Like its younger brother sleep, death also has a cleansing property, which is particularly emphasized by the whiteness of the skeleton's hand and the blade of the scythe. What is interesting (I only realized later) is that the scythe's blade itself gives the hint of a crescent moon.










10: Weakness #1

The Moon

This illustration, as with the previous ones, is based on classical examples. The moon can be seen foreshadowing its warmer and brighter side. Both towers, right and left of the path, are an indication of the Holy Jerusalem. The violet colour promises spiritual experience. To reach them the path leads past the wolf, which symbolizes danger. The protecting force is portrayed by the dog, which appears lighter.

The crab, which is coming out of the water, describes the appearance out of the depths and the return to light. The crab also symbolizes a character which has developed a strong contact to its emotions and intuition. Because of this it is very vulnerable and protects itself with armour and usually an extra covering.




11: Weakness #2

Queen of Wands

The orangey-yellow colour of the picture symbolizes fire; the green colour portrays fertility and growth. The sunflowers also testify a connection between energy and growth.

The throne gives the impression of a sun-queen; the creases on her skirt point to sexual energy, her red hair is tied back. The black cat, with its back to us, stands for independence and magic powers. There is a precious stone on the queen's crown, this connects her to the magician's figure one.



12: Behavior to exhibit

The Hierophant

The pentahedral star in the picture shows how the four elements, which appear in the four lower rays, come into contact with spiritualism. This is represented in the uppermost point by God's eye, in the iris of which the Wheel of Fortune is alluded to. The violet background underlines the principle of spiritualism.

The labyrinth in the middle of the star points to the search for the meaning, which by way of the heart is also a search for the centre. The two hands at the top represent the obvious (exoteric) and the concealed (esoteric). The praying hands at the bottom symbolize the pupil.




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