Relationship Spread #2

Relationship Spread #2



Difficulty:  Easy


This relationship spread focuses on the common ground of the relationship, with 3 cards in the middle column showing the common ground. The middle column essentially shows the past, present, and future of the relationship.

Card #4 shows the common base of the relationship, which may be thought of as the past events which have shaped their characters, bringing them together. Card #3 represents the current connection that binds them together, the values they share. Card #7 shows the common goals that would keep them together moving into the future.

The columns on either side show what each partner brings to the table. Remember, relationships need not be romantic, and they partners could even be groups rather than individuals, whatever you choose. In this layout, the other person is on the left hand side, and you, the querent on the right.

Cards #1 & 2 indicate the separate personalities of each member of the relationship. These cards form a sort of bridge with the cards beneath them, #5 & 6, which show the qualities that each partner offers the other person, and thus to the relationship as a whole.









Your Relationship #2 Reading

  Mutual Goals
Your Qualities
Connection (Present)
Others' Qualities
What You Bring
Common Base (Past)

What They Bring





7: Mutual Goals


A sceptre and a sword seem to be fighting. Water and fire, portrayed in striking red, stand for subconscious strength. They are kept under control by the symbols of earth and air, the conscious elements, portrayed by the sword (clarity), the house (stability) and the wall (limits, firmness). The violet colour of the wall also shows a penetration of the colours red and blue.

The trees also contain this mixture of the elements, but they are growing cautiously as well as the clouds, water, which so to speak, becomes air (gaseous). They also stand for integration, which on the one hand makes us more flexible but on the other hand obscures things. The lemniscates, which can be seen clearly in magic, can be found in the two trees in the top left corner. It illustrates swinging into the next bend.





3: Connection

King of Swords

The throne-room looks very tidy, but at the same time very bare. The throne itself has hardly any decoration. The king is protecting himself by his complete dress; his coat of mail can be seen under his shirt; on his chest he is wearing the sign of Libra, an indication of his connection with justice and his role as a judge.

The two butterflies above him indicate that he shows a tendency towards black and white-thinking. The crown, with its three points, refers to the third element, air. His sword is not completely straight and the square tiles in the background emphasize, through the different tones of red, that life cannot be locked away into boxes.





4: Common Base

8 of Coins

Four pentacles are already completed and are standing under the table. They are the pentacles from the first four Pentacle cards.

The hour-glass shows that time is still needed for the work. The handle of the tool looks like a wand and indicates that, with the necessary commitment (small flame), success will slowly develop (leaf). The storm announces the future success.












2: Your Qualities

3 of Swords

The colours red, blue and gray are all mixed together in this scene. Clarity fills the whole picture, but the emotions also play a role. The ten wands in the background are all mixed up.

A cloud obscures or overshadows the scene. The two drops of water show condensation, as the cloud is being influenced by the sword. These drops also represent tears.

The three swords point to a spot on the heart. It is unclear whether they are damaging it, yet one can see a drop of blood.





1: Their Qualities

2 of Swords

The picture shows a closed eye. A lot is still taking place inwardly. The heart and water in a way are being crossed out. Emotions have to be left out for the moment.

The varying thoughts seem to influence one another. Both hands are open. Each thought is equally valuable at the moment.





6: What You Bring

4 of Coins





5: What They Bring

2 of Cups

The two faces and the two cups seem together to form an entirety. The difference between them is shown, among other things, through the colours, which, in each case, mirror the opposite.

Two fish in the water also suggest dualism in the unity. In the same way, the heart at the top, made of two parts, becomes one at the bottom. The suggestion of an angel above the heads supports the same theme.




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