Path Spread

Path Spread #1



Difficulty: Easy

For the Path, the querent asks for suggestions on how to behave properly in order to achieve a desired result. The Current column shows how the querent has been acting, and the Suggestedcolumn suggests how the querent should act in order to achieve a certain goal. The chart-like spread uses the standard 3 levels: Rational, Emotional, and External Stance (how one projects one’s self outwardly). When comparing the Current to Suggested cards, the most important thing is to notice the differences between the 2 cards. It is these differences which hint at the behaviors that you should think about changing.

Card #1 is the significator, the card which should reflect the nature of the query and/or the desired outcome.

Card #2 shows the way you are and have been thinking. Card #7 shows how you need to change the way you think in order to serve yourself better.

Card #3 tells you about your emotional attitude. Though it may seem difficult to manipulate one’s own emotions, it can be done if you put your mind to it. For example, acting a certain way such as smiling intently for a few minutes will lead the emotions to follow. If you try this, as silly as the exercise seems, you will find that this evokes the emotion of happiness. For this reading, you should try to make yourself feel the way that Card #6 tells you.

External Stance means how you act outwardly, how you hope others see you. Card #4 tells you how you were acting, while #5 indicates how you should act outwardly, for other people’s sake. It is the differences between these cards that hint at what behavior patterns should be altered.









Your Path Reading

  Current The Significator

The Fool
The Empress
Knight of Pentacles
9 of Swords
4 of Swords
External Stance
The Theocrat
8 of Cups





The Significator

The Fool

6:00 - Card 0

Male, Water, Pisces.

Ignorance is a trait of the most basic. To let the currents of time and fate dictate ones actions completely, to seek the lowest, easiest path will lead one downwards. One's hunger will destroy what's beautiful, resulting in the squandering of things put to better use.





Current Thoughts

The Empress

Regime change in action, it happens more in the sewers than the senates. One goes out, another comes in.





Suggested Thoughts

Knight of Pentacles

Stone is hard and sand is soft, yet one can erode the other in time and fundamentally, both are the exact same thing. Odd that the smaller of the two can destroy the larger and make it more like itself. Also note the Wolfsangle rune.












Current Emotions

9 of Swords

Drawn on July 4th to the sound of fireworks. Weapons and explosives are now components of ritual as often as components of battle. I suppose they always were.





Suggested Emotions

4 of Swords

Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!

(Today is a good day to die!)





Current External Stance

The Theocrat

1:00 - Card 8

AKA The Hierophant in traditional Tarot. Male, Fire, Taurus.

The master, the controller, the employer. To force one's will upon others and make them work for your own benefits. Not always a cruel thing if it's done right. But it's so rarely done right.





Suggested External Stance

8 of Cups

D cups in this case. Don't be ashamed to enjoy your vices, and never regret the sins you enjoy.




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