The Diary is a picture journal of when I fell into a spiral of depression. Sometimes I think that when Alice fell into the rabbit hole, she was sucked into a vortex of dark, destructive thoughts that threatened her sanity… the dream is the reality she could not bear to face.

So the mind makes up an alternate landscape to ease the anxiety of knowing one is not quite as fine as one wishes to be.

The Diary is a journal of the battle taking place between good and evil in the inner sanctum of one’s earthen temple while The Prophets battle for dominion within the realm of the mind… only The Prophets have abandoned all proper rules of engagement.

There are many others who share this experience no doubt… but we don’t all see the same things even though we walk the same dark path. Stumbling onto an ancient trail of nightmares and crawling out the other side into the sunlight…. I think many of us share the same stories seen though different eyes.

The beast was here all along…