You do remember Fidelity, don’t you?

Abandoned by faithless hedonistic whores; crack-babies of the new millenium seeking hedonistic pleasures with the maniacal glee of an Energizer bunny.

Fidelity listens to the whispers of Desire; Desire is the one who struggles in desperation to be freed from the shackles of honor and integrity; Desire is the one clamouring… clawing to feed the embers burning within.

Fidelity’s own words are drowned by Desire’s obsessive rants against unjustified deprivation.

From the shadows, comes another Prophet of the Thorn.
Infidel; Fidelity’s own shadow twin emerges from inky blackness to hold her in a warm embrace as he whispers into her ear, “You cannot save them, dearest. “.

Then he walks over to Desire; he unbinds the chains around her neck to replace them with his own.

The beast was here all along…