I saw the message, from one lover to another… It spoke of intruders and secret codes… As only 2 hearts within a sacred space could understand.

As I watched the words carve itself out in cyberspace, I, the intruder watching through the broken window pane, wondered if indeed the coldness outside was preferred to borrowed warmth. But how could this warmth be any better and who could steal into the kitchen late at night while everyone is fast asleep, to sit quietly by the dying embers of a stranger’s hearth… to feel the warmth that’s grown too cold… To be the shadow without a face stealing nothing worth stealing from a sacred space that is no longer sacred.

And those who watch the phantom shadow would cheer altogether, “Fire at will!!” For what are shadows but faceless beings without allegiance and and we are strong enough to exist between man-made borders.

The beast was here all along…