A petition was sent to the one who etches ink unto skin.
Earnestly, I asked if he would show me how to draw first blood by the prickling of a needle and he said he would.

Through osmosis, I’ll drain every last bit of knowledge from him, I swear it! But I think he would not mind for he’ll have me etching my mark on the face of a holy tree by the next full moon; and gladly I will comply.

Black metal guns I bought today; wicked looking weapons that would ease emotional pain by the cutting of the skin… self-mutilation turned outwards, cleverly disguised in bright colors of gold, blue and red.

Does it get any sexier than this? I was cut wide open and left to the crows… But I promise you, my beloved.. if I ever get the chance to make you bleed, I will sew you back up better than before.

The beast was here all along…