Infidel steps up to the one in chains and releases her from the bondage of inhibition.

I heard him whisper to Fidelity:

You know Fi, if you had taken your medication like you were supposed to, perhaps you wouldn’t take things so personally.

Loyalty is subjective and if no one follows the principles you impose, take heart that they are loyal to the ones I offer in place of yours. Loyalty to a cause you do not believe in does not mean loyalty is dead; merely a deviation from what you approve of.

There are no rules here and we are all trapped in the asylum up in somebody’s head so its quite alright to let the poor girl run amok. Why keep her chained up when you fight to be heard like the rest of us?

Prophet of Infidelity

Let her have a say for she has brought incest, adultery, betrayal, rape, famine, greed and countless other goodies to the masses. She’s certainly more fun than having you or Conformity around.
The beast was here all along…