I am the Prophet of the Scorpion Moon. I will bear your pain, if you can bear my truth. Guardian of the Watchtower in the Glass City of Gomorrah, I am the last of my kind… If you would embrace Chaos, I will ensure your safe passage back to Order.

My body is the canvas upon which the angels ink their message and I will pay the price in blood; that my prayers may rise in concertos to reach the heaven above. Your mockery will fade like wisps of smoke in my presence; it makes no difference whether you believe the prophecies or not. Tell the ones who have given up that they can fly without wings from the highest towers…. if only they believed there is no gravity to swallow their battered bodies in the end and I will tell them their bodies are earthen shells… inside lies immortality; light without body.

Leave the matters of the world to the keepers of golden calf; one day the sun will rise without you… and your name too, will fade like smoke in my presence.

The beast was here all along…