Tibetan Mo Dice


The Mo is an ancient Tibetan system of divination based on Buddhist philosophy. One of the several methods of Mo is based on dice. In Mo dice divination, 2 casts of a die are tallied, indicating 1 of 36 possible results. The primary deity in Mo is Manjushri, the embodiment of the wisdom of the Buddhas of all ages. He could be considered to be similar to the eastern equivalent of Providence. Manjushri appears as a boy of about 16 years of age. His skin could be a color such as yellow, blue, green, orange, or white, the color of his skin embodying different elements and associations. In his right hand he brandishes the flaming sword of wisdom. In his left hand he clutches a blue lotus, which blossoms at the left side of his face. Atop the blossom is a copy of The Book of Perfect Wisdom. His legs are crossed yoga-style. His image should be visualized in mind before each cast of the dice.

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