The Astrological Layout

Self-Actualization Pyramids Layout



Difficulty:  Complicated


The Astrological Tarot Layout is based on houses of astrology. This complicated layout takes several steps to understand.

The first step is to interpret the card for each individual position in the layout.

The second step involves further examination of the main axes. Positions 1 & 7 show the relationship theme, #1 representing you, #7 your partner. Positions 4 & 10 indicate motion. #4 shows where you are, and #10 shows what you are moving towards.

The third step involves breaking down the chart into triads according to their house elements.

Positions 1, 5, & 9 represent the Fire triad, which shows about temperment and personal development.

Positions 2, 6, & 10 represent the Earth triad, which is concerned with materialism, money, and work.

Positions 3, 7, & 11 represent the Air triad, which has to do with thoughts, ideas, and connections with other people.

Positions 4, 8, & 12 represent the Water triad, which is the realm of emotions, moods, intuition, and yearnings.

Further, you may connect other patterns and correlations between certain numbers. Certain numbers such as the set of 5, 7, & 8 often speak about a particular theme.









Your Astrological Reading


    11 9    
  12   8  
1       7
2   Eye   6
  3   5  





1: Basic Mood


The Double Blank is perhaps the grandest of dominoes. This domino often symbolizes a major change. It is the domino of fate, destiny, providence, and karma. Several new paths will open for you, and you are spiritually and intellectually ready to take them on. However, if this domino is drawn in a single-domino reading, it simply means to ask the question again at a later time.




2: Finance


You will bear witness to an amazing sign. This is a sign of unification, good fortune, success, harmony, and happiness. You should continue on the same path you have been on. The prospects of this sign are not merely good, but excellent. Your life will be enriched.




3: Mundane Life


The sign of "the Good Moon" suggests that you will find pleasure without obstacles. Light-hearted activities will be successful, but using too much power or force will not work. White-colored objects are favored by this feminine sign.




4: Home


Matters of property, life, friends, and family are unfavorable. There are great obstacles that you need to focus on subverting. You may have been given a yellow article or a type of square object with earth spirits and local spirits that are harming you.










5: Fun Things


Wealth increases like a river feeding the ocean. This sign is especially good for works involving water, however marriage or rituals involving fire are not favored.




6: Work


The sign of "The Stainless Sky" suggests that you should listen carefully to the spirits of the air. Your mind should be cleansed of impure thoughts. This sign also suggests that to retain friends or wealth, small offerings should be made. Generally this is an average sign, neither bad nor good.




7: Partners


This is a sign of great strength, and that you will achieve great success at the expense of your enemies. Powerful and destructive activities will meet with great success. Rituals to your spiritual protectors should be continually performed. Works involving earth and water will have difficulties.




8: Hidden Aspects


If you work steadily and carefully, the results will be good. Avoid fickle thoughts which dissipate mental energies. Travel and giving will be beneficial. Offerings to natural spirits such as ancestors and trees is beneficial, and performance of spiritual practices will have a hightened effect if not performed at their regular location.




9: Higher Views


Bathing in nectar, your happiness shall increase. Friends and wealth will build up substantially. Prospects are good for all things. Your agility will be impressive - quick like a slippery fish. It will be very beneficial should you seek visions in peaceful fire rituals.










10: Reputation


This sign indicates a great disturbance, and that happiness will be destroyed. There is most likely an enemy, perhaps even a lawsuit. Black magic may have been performed against you. You are being harmed by reciprocal fighting, gossip, or by having gone to a place of much quarreling. Nothing you do will produce successful results unless you intend to do harm. Now is the time to confront your enemies and settle differences. You should try to find a positive way to vent negative emotions, such as taking action against a perceived injustice. Rituals of making yellow clay stupas representative of deities, saints, or sacred happenings would be beneficial.




11: Friends


This is a bad omen of instability and obstruction. There is danger from enemies and evil spirits. A red article or triangular object you have acquired may be causing you harm. A person in the western direction may be responsible. Obstacles are blocking your success. Only evil activities have good prospects for success.



12: Hopes and Fears


Like the flow of water stops when its source is cut off, this is a sign of stagnation and declination. This sign suggests that you need to reestablish your connection to a higher power. A spiritual source has been blocked, and your intentions have been corrupted. Earthly desires and new relationships are not favorable.




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