The Self-Actualization Pyramids Spread

Self-Actualization Pyramids Spread



Difficulty:  Complicated


Basically there is the main pyramid in the center, and two smaller pyramids on each side. One is inverted.

Positions 1 – 3 represent where you have come from, or what has made you/shaped you on the various levels. Can be from environment, upbringing, schooling etc. A look at the past, but with more objectivity than is usually given when using tarot cards.

Positions 4 – 5 represent “who you are now.”  May or may not make pleasant reading but hey, this is what this is about right?

Position 6 represents “who you could be.”  Again it might or might not look good, but you can learn from that and change who you are now accordingly. (This is a bit like how Scrooge did things in "A Christmas Carol")

Positions 7-8 are your strengths. The light you have which can be bought to the forefront. What carries you and should not be hidden or unacknowledged.

Position 9 represents what you should be giving to yourself or creating within.

Position 10 – 11 represent personal areas for development or weaknesses. Again might not make good reading but if you look at your strengths first you will be able to see a balance is there and you can choose to focus on one side or the other… your choice. This is where you could really see how your shadow side comes into play.

Position 12 represents what you should be offering externally, or what you can bring to your world or others who inhabit that world.









Your Self-Actualization Pyramids Reading


Strength #1
Strength #2
Eye Exhibit
Nurture This
Infirmity #1
Infirmity #2
Now #1
  Now #2
Base (past) #1
  Base (past) #2
  Base (past) #3





1: Base #1

7 of Spades

Being manipulated or being manipulative of others with no sound basis or objective for that manipulation. Turning against another who is actually on your side yet is being treated as a type of enemy. Waiting for an opportune moment to disadvantage another. Breakdown in communication leading to a stand off. Mistrust of another person or their motives.




2: Base #2

2 of Hearts

The unconditional sharing on a romantic or spiritual level with another like-minded being. Tuning in to the desires, thoughts and emotions of a person we resonate with whereby we feel we have become one being as opposed to two individuals. If the relationship is unhealthy or not balanced it can indicate one person is being clingy or manipulative of the emotions of their partner.




3: Base #3

8 of Diamonds

Allowing events to unfold without the desire for foresight. Having faith in the fact that destiny will prevail, instead of giving in to the urge whereby we try to manipulate fate. Putting trust in the guidance that is being offered, understanding it will not cause you to falter or stumble. Using intuition as your guide as opposed to the normal senses of sight, hearing or touch. Resisting the urge to interfere with or manipulate the world around you.










4: Where you are now #1

9 of Diamonds

The emptying of your life or environment of anything that is surplus to requirement, or no longer has relevance. Reflecting on what has gone, not realising there is still much to be gained in other ways. Lack of preparation for a journey or destination whereby there may be an expectation for everything to be provided to you instead of by you. The emotion of disappointment now in passing, with a readiness to learn from the experience before moving on.




5: Where you are now #2

The Charioteer

The Charioteer represents a stage of seeking autonomy, self-identity, direction. It is the representation of one's quest in seeking or gaining control; it is also a reminder of how easy everything can become undone.

As the Seeker, The Charioteer suggests a time of trying to control external influences or of losing control completely. It is time to seek a balanced approach.

As a Situation, The Charioteer card suggests a stage of learning how to deal with external influences by gaining control over one's actions.




6: Your potential


Duality (traditionally known as Justice) is the card that represents cause and effect. Taking responsibility is not about assigning blame or surrendering to consequences blindly; rather it is about owning up to the circumstances we have helped create for ourselves.

Duality as an individual in a reading reminds us to weigh the severity of our actions carefully for every choice that we face and subsequent decision that we make sets the wheel in motion.

Duality as a situation may indicate the need to remain objective and impartial in assessing options that are open to the individual. Sometimes, clarity of thought cuts through confusion where emotions cloud the judgement.




7: Strength #1


It is where we will find the eye of the needle and cross it;
a place none may follow but it's going to be alright because we are finally ready to take
responsibility for choices we made; we are finally ready to face ourselves.
Who amongst us fear Judgement?
In search of redemption; what we reap as our reward is what we have sown all along.




8: Strength #2

8 of Hearts

The feeling of desolation or loneliness. Being caught up in personal thoughts often negative to the extent external influences/supportive energies go unnoticed. The walking away from a situation which may have caused heartache towards something more positive. The painful acknowledgement that no more can be done with the only real option being that of walking away.




9: Nurture this

10 of Diamonds

If the main focus is the elderly gentleman there could be an indication of taking an objective view of previous actions or relationships. If the main focus is the kneeling figure, it could show there is a pull to hang onto childhood or anything represented by childhood. Alternatively it could show the turning of a back on material gains with an acknowledgement that friends and family are more important. If the main focal point is the child itself, it may indicate innocence and childhood are about to be left behind, but with no fear being shown in relation to the forthcoming changes.










10: Weakness #1

9 of Hearts

Personal nurturing whereby the true spirit has the chance to emerge and subsequently flourish. Replacing of negative thoughts and emotions of the self with more positive ones. Understanding that love of the self is more important than the love that is offered to another. Having confidence in showing to the world and those around you your emotional self as well as your physical self.




11: Weakness #2

The Fool

The Fool starts on a journey naive of what to expect, there will be unanticipated surprises. Not one to conform to social norms, The Fool may need to adapt to what lies ahead as the outcome will be unpredictable.

Expect the unexpectated; the situation as The Fool indicates that the outcome may not turn out as planned.



12: Behavior to exhibit

King of Hearts

Retaining focus and control of emotions when faced with intense adversary. Being open to the fact it is okay to ask for help or support when it is required. Feeling of numbness on an emotional level. The creating of waves, yet at the same time maintaining a firm grasp on personal thoughts and/or emotions. This may indicate a man who is prone to emotional outbursts, but in the main does work hard at keeping a lid on things.




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