Path Spread

Path Spread #1



Difficulty: Easy

For the Path, the querent asks for suggestions on how to behave properly in order to achieve a desired result. The Current column shows how the querent has been acting, and the Suggestedcolumn suggests how the querent should act in order to achieve a certain goal. The chart-like spread uses the standard 3 levels: Rational, Emotional, and External Stance (how one projects one’s self outwardly). When comparing the Current to Suggested cards, the most important thing is to notice the differences between the 2 cards. It is these differences which hint at the behaviors that you should think about changing.

Card #1 is the significator, the card which should reflect the nature of the query and/or the desired outcome.

Card #2 shows the way you are and have been thinking. Card #7 shows how you need to change the way you think in order to serve yourself better.

Card #3 tells you about your emotional attitude. Though it may seem difficult to manipulate one’s own emotions, it can be done if you put your mind to it. For example, acting a certain way such as smiling intently for a few minutes will lead the emotions to follow. If you try this, as silly as the exercise seems, you will find that this evokes the emotion of happiness. For this reading, you should try to make yourself feel the way that Card #6 tells you.

External Stance means how you act outwardly, how you hope others see you. Card #4 tells you how you were acting, while #5 indicates how you should act outwardly, for other people’s sake. It is the differences between these cards that hint at what behavior patterns should be altered.









Your Path Reading

  Current The Significator

The Hermit
Ace of Swords
5 of Wands
The Tower
Queen of Swords
External Stance
Page of Swords
Knight of Cups





The Significator

The Hermit

4:00 - Card 5

Male, Air, Virgo.

A card of loneliness, disconnection and solitude. Also a card of hope - If you have half of something it means the other half is out there somewhere. It may be far away, you may have to wade through the nastiest slums to find it, but when you do it's brilliant.





Current Thoughts

Ace of Swords

'At the east of the garden of Eden he placed the Angel and a flaming sword that turned every direction to guard the way to the tree of life.' -Genesis 3:24





Suggested Thoughts

5 of Wands

The means may be grotesque, but if they get you what you want you'd do well to use them.












Current Emotions

The Tower

10:00 - Card 4

Male, Earth, Libra.

Failure and Loss. Defeat and ruin. The higher it's built, the harder it falls and the more it crushes when it does. That doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't worth building. Defeat can be accepted and the ruins left behind in favor of greener pastures, or one can start to rebuild. The latter is more difficult, but often more rewarding.





Suggested Emotions

Queen of Swords

Homage to Wagner. Brünnhilde lays asleep on the mountain surrounded by magic fire, waiting for Siegfried. Only he who wasn't afraid of Wotan's spear could pass the fire. And when that romance didn't work out, she burned down Valhalla and left Earth to the mortals.

Not everyone can have what they want. A man who can't sing isn't going to be the world's greatest singer. Know yourself, know what you can do, and don't squander what you have trying to win something you won't. But also know when to try, and what's worth never giving up on.





Current External Stance

Page of Swords

Chaos is dangerous to both belligerents. If you have all the arms and all the thorns in the world, you're just as much a danger to yourself if you don't keep track of them.





Suggested External Stance

Knight of Cups

An homage to David Lynch. I don't know what divinatory meaning you might get out of a cowboy duel in a kitchen sink, but please do let me know if you find one.

Traditionally, it means romantic change is coming. If you're smart about it, for the better.




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